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In the book “MLM Blueprint”  Kody Bateman says, “Belief creates possibility, it renders hope, and it delivers an abundance of energy.  Non-belief creates doubt, it renders negativity, and it depletes our energy.”  He encourages to stay of the positive side of belief and write down all your beliefs.  This will provide you with powerful reminders of all you stand for.  Here is my list.

  • I believe that network marketing is the greatest profession in the world. It has the power to change lives.
  • I believe that network marketing instills hope, creates possibility, and delivers a method for success.
  • I believe I can live the life of my dreams on my own terms because of network marketing.
  • I believe that everyone needs what I have to offer.
  • I believe that the message of hope and love is aligned with God’s will for us.  It is my duty to further the great command to love one another.
  • I believe that caring is sharing.
  • I believe that I am attracting the right people into my business to grow a large successful downline.
  • I am a leader who has a relationship with all my distributors whom I love.
  • I am a voice for women who overcome their situation to create a better way of life for their families.
  • I am a catalyst for people to take control over their lives.
  • I believe that we are all created for greatness and God does not want us to settle for anything less.
  • I believe that all things are possible.
  • I am enhancing everyone’s life with goodness in a negative world.
  • I believe that prayers are answered especially when you are an answer to another’s prayers.
  • I am embracing and overcoming challenges with an unshakable faith.
  • I am an awesome role model for Suhaila and single moms.
  • I am Love and I live Gratitude!
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