Actively Listening to your Child

Communicating with our children can be a difficult task at times.  We feel like they’re not listening to us; they feel like we’re not listening to them.  Good listening and communications skills are essential to successful parenting.  Your child’s feelings, views and opinions have worth, and you should make sure you take the time to…

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Step outside your box!

No two people are alike in the MLM business.  This is what makes the profession accessible to a multitude of different people.  It doesn’t matter what previous qualifications or experience you have.  You are given the same opportunity indiscriminately. However, there are some shared personality traits that are common to those who have started and…

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Welcome to my Blog

Aloha, My name is Nancy James and I am the creator of Mama Loves Marketing and author of “How to Get Recognized, Re-booked, and Referred.” This is my life… I am a “momtrepreneur” in the photo you can see me with my daughter Suhaila.  She is the greatest joy in my life.  We are incredibly…

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