Follow Up Factor Interview with James McHugh


Follow Up Factor Interview with James McHugh Today I had the priviledge to speak with top Real Estate Agent in Boston MA. In this except of the interview Jay  shares his best practice and tips on how to use follow up so that your clients or customers start to build lasting relationships and rapport. This…

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The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing


You’ve may have heard it said that events really drive your business. What attending events does is to develop and solidify your belief in network marketing and your ability to emulate the success the presenters have. I know that attending events will change the course of your business no matter if you are a brand…

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Farewell to an Inspirational Legend

Today the world lost a brilliant woman who inspired so many with her poetry and books. She is truly a legend who’s words will love on through the centuries. Thank you for never quieting your voice Maya Angelou!

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Want to live a longer more vibrant life?

“Travel and healthy aging, the process of remaining as vibrant as possible in the body and mind are closely associated”, reports Michael Hodin, executive director of the Global Coalition on Aging.  “Taking into account socio-economic differences, our research found women who vacationed at least twice a year had significantly lower risk for heart issues and…

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I like making people happy do you?

“This is really what drives me … The greatest gift you can give yourself is to go out and help someone else … That look in their eyes , the smiles , the hugs …. truly the best moments in life …. If you agree and this describes you too hit like and share ….…

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What are we leaving to the next generation?

I see that it has been proven in recent events that the policies that are now in place with economy are not working now & will continue to collapse in the future. This leads to the question of what will be left for our children?  This is the first time in history that the next…

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