Does your job own you?


Take a look at this video I discovered on the sacrifices this man makes to have a good “job”.

Now most people don’t have to go to such extremes to have a job, but it does lead to question to how far you let your job rule your life?

Does your job determine where you life?  Most likely yes, it does.  Many people will relocate if their jobs decide that is where they are needed.  What do most people do if there are not jobs available in the area where they live?  Many will move to where the jobs are.

Does your job tell you how much time you get to enjoy life?  Yes it does.  Your employer will mandate how many hours you will work and how much time get to take off.  For most people 70% of their life is spent working leaving the least amount of time for actually living life.

Does you job determine your net worth?  Yes it does.  Again your employer controls how much you make.  Most jobs are linear payment plans.  You get paid for the time you put in and it is the employers discretion on how much they pay you for your time.  When you aren’t working you do not get paid.

Now let’s compare this with how a change in your thinking and way of working gives you control and freedom over your own life.

When you become an independent business owner you can work from where ever you choose.  There is no need to relocate to do your business.  No need for long commutes to take you away from your family.

The best part of being a business owner is the time freedom that you get to create for yourself.  Want to take some time off?  No problem, you have no one to ask permission of, you just live your life as you choose.  You will also be able to keep making money while you are not working because you have put a foundation in place for you to earn a passive income.

Being paid on the effort you and many other people put into the business means that you never have any limits on how much you can earn.  There is no ceiling cap on what you can make.

If you would like to discover more on how you can free yourself from job slavery and live life on your own terms, I am happy to show you how with a little effort and a whole lot of fun in a few years you could change the course of your life.






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