Faith, Sacrifice, and Success


on the cross

Yesterday was Good Friday and it really got me thinking about the connection between Faith, Sacrifice, and Success.

I truly believe that Network Marketing has the power to change the industry of the world and deliver wealth back into the hands of those individuals.  It is a profession that is not based on qualifications, education, or experience to unleash the earning potential of the wealthy elite.  Anyone can DO MLM it just takes persistence, faith, and sacrifice.

1.)  Most people to do not succeed in Network Marketing because of their own lack of Faith.    Imagine if Jesus went to the cross with only a half-hearted faith in God.  Wouldn’t he have protested and defended his life kicking and screaming if he didn’t know and have complete faith that God had a plan and his death was necessary to forever change mankind?  Faith is the stuff that gives us the strength when  facing challenges.  It is important to have faith that what you have committed yourself to is the right action for you. Do not let yourself waiver at every objection.

2.)  Sacrifice is necessary to succeed.  Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice of his life to pay our debt for sin with God.  I don’t know about you, but I am grateful that there is nothing I have to encounter sacrificing my life for.  I’ve noticed that people are afraid of making sacrifices.  They do not want to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone.  They view sacrifice as something to be avoided at all costs.  Thankfully the sacrifices we are asked to make to achieve success are so small in comparison to what Jesus did, yet we act like they are as big a deal.  Sacrifice is always necessary for freedom.  Nothing will ever change if something is not given up.  The great reward I see in network marketing comes in sacrificing a relatively small amount of time compared to traditional careers.  I have seen some achieve mega results in as little as 3-5 years.  I would definitely rather invest a few years of hard work and dedication to see a big payoff for my families future than waste away a lifetime in a job with little to show for it after many years.  Please do not let fear of small sacrifices keep your from the joys of the reward.

My mentor just made a great video about this topic.  Check it out below.


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