The Price of Freedom

As I reflect on this Memorial Day Weekend, I am reminded how much sacrifice others have made for our own freedom.  For that I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy the freedoms I have as a result.

Network Marketing Comes with a Price

Freedom is a big buzz word in our industry because it is what we all are hoping to achieve through our network marketing business.  We want the freedom and lifestyle that this business model creates like no other.

Are you willing to pay the price for Freedom?

To many people get into the business with the allure of freedom, but then do little to work towards it and then say it is the business that doesn’t work.

If you want the freedom, you have to pay for it.  In network marketing we pay for it with our efforts early on by dedicating ourselves to building a team and showing our opportunity so that we reap great rewards down the line in residual earnings.

Network marketing was not created to be a lottery ticket to freedom.  The only ones who do achieve success are the ones who put in the effort.  If someone sold you on the idea of network marketing with the promise of riches without effort, I am sorry they mislead you.

Network Marketing isn’t HARD work, but it is WORK.

The good news is that, what we do in network marketing for work is social and can become really enjoyable.  But you must be willing to put effort and action into your business daily.  If you are will do a little every day, then your freedom is possible.


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