How discipline becomes habit


11351455_10153267301806465_4556002597208740528_nIt’s been a little while since I’ve written and shared with you.  I apologize for the absence.  Today I want to get “a little deep” and share my personal story.  I hope this is ok with you dear readers.

Here is where I bare my soul and admit to my own faults as a human being.  I am doing this on the internet for all to see in hopes that it will give your encouragement and faith that you have more power than you know.

I have struggled with my weight and body issues my entire life.  I’ve lost and gained probably around 400 pounds in my lifetime.  I am not naturally a thin person because I have an addiction to carbs and sugar that started in my childhood.  I will always struggle with this because like so many other women, I have substituted the taste of food and it’s sweetness for the love I was lacking.

My weight has constantly fluctuated since I was a teen and went on diet after diet thinking I had finally conquered it only to regain the weight once I was “off”the diet.  You can imagine what this did to my self confidence and it spilled over into every aspect of my life.  At one point I became so obsessed about being thin that I became bulimic.  Thankfully it was a phase in my life that didn’t last long.  But the guilt and shame of eating ‘forbidden foods’ still lingers.

Three months ago I decided that I was not going to let what I ate rule my life.  It started with a simple choice just to remove high density carbohydrates from my diet.  This pretty much meant that whatever my kid ate, I did not.  I also made a commitment that I would exercise everyday whether I wanted to or not.  It was not an option!

I have to say that exercise is not something that I have ever enjoyed.  I do not like being sweaty!  (I know, you can laugh because I DO live in Hawaii!) So for me to commit to it everyday as a non-negotiable was a big stretch.  Now 90 days in I actually look forward doing my workout.

The picture was taken today.  I am wearing a pair of shorts that I haven’t been able to wear in two years.  They were buried in the back of the closet perhaps never to be worn again.  I have to say that it feels great to not have given up on myself.

Now I know you are wondering where I am going with this experience.  Well here it is.

You CAN make things that are uncomfortable to you a habit, and once you do amazing things will start to happen.  My story today happens to be focused on weight loss, but you can apply it to your network marketing business.  It sounds like a giant leap, but really it’s not.  Let me explain.

The business we are in requires you to do something outside of what you normally do.  You need to share your opportunity.  It can be awkward and uncomfortable especially for those who are new.  This is also the #1 reason why 90%of people in network marketing fail.  They give up too soon.

Think about how different my results would be if I had committed to my exercise and did them for just a few days and quit.  I wouldn’t have lost any weight and wouldn’t be rocking the shorts today.

You can make the same non-negotiable commitment to your business no matter where you are at now.  It simply requires you to make the decision.  Make the choice that you will commit to doing a business building activity each and every day NO MATTER WHAT!

I challenge you to do this for 90 days and see the difference in your attitude about sharing your opportunity.  Even if you do not see more money or distributors immediately, what you will gain is experience, confidence, and a habit that will get you the freedom you desire.



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