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One of the great things about being a parent is seeing the world through your child.  The mind of a child is so open to possibilities that they truly believe that all things are are doable.

I’ve read that children are in actively creative mindset until around the age of 7 when the brain signals start to move towards linear thinking.  As a parent of a now 8 year old.  I have had the joy of witnessing this firsthand.  It has been so inspiring to me so see how she creates her own reality through play and pure imagination.  We are moving now into the time of transition where the realities of worldly limitation are starting to set in.  In a way this makes me a little sad, because as an adult I see how much I have lost in believing in dreams.

Think of how creative children are in their aspirations.  When you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, most will respond with some fantastical choices.  Like astronaut, athlete, or in our house pop star.  It is this pure belief that they are capable of anything that is such a wonder.  There are no thoughts of how difficult it will be to achieve.  No concerns about the high probability that they will not succeed.  They only focus on their desired dream and believe in it whole-heartedly.

This is the lesson we need to observe and learn to live by from our children.  Just because we are bombarded with reasons why we can’t succeed, doesn’t mean that we should give up in the belief in our dreams.  I’ve heard it said that “we never really grow up, we just give up.”

I encourage you to return to believing in your dreams with a childlike conviction no matter how far fetched they may seem.  Take some small steps each day to achieving them, and most of all never give in to the temptation of giving up!

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