This is my story of how I went from being broke and struggling trying to make it as a single parent to living my dream life in Hawaii.

My Name is Nancy James and I want you to know that life wasn’t always this good.  I had my share of struggling to make ends meet and hoping that the next paycheck would be enough to cover the bills.  I know how desperate that feels.  I have been solo parenting since my daughter was 1 without any support financially or parenting from my ex-husband.  I went through my share of dark times and feeling utter desperation for my situation.

I discovered network marketing  in 2009.  I was certain that I was onto something amazing and that everyone would want to join me in this opportunity to change their lives.  Boy was I WRONG!

For 3 years I did everything you are taught to do in network marketing.  I made countless lists and harassed my friends about taking a look at my opportunity.  I spent countless hours on this ‘business building activity’ and only had one distributor to show for it.

I knew that there had to be a better way!

About the time that I was struggling to make a residual income from my network marketing company, I wrote the book “How to Get Recognized, Re-Booked, and Referred.”  My book is a marketing guide for Massage & Complimentary Practitioners.  I had discovered how to be great at marketing myself as solo Massage Therapist and want to share these insights with all other struggling Massage Therapists.

Then I had an epiphany!

What if I combined the marketing skills I had honed over the years as a Massage Therapist and applied them to my MLM business.

Something amazing happened.  I stopped chasing people whom I knew had no intention of building a business and I started focusing my effort on those who were already seeking my opportunity.

This changed everything for me!  I was able to relax and enjoy my time with my daughter having fun rather than constantly being on the lookout for more people to put onto my list.  Suddenly I wasn’t so stressed about how many people I had to get “in play.”  When you go from being the hunter to the leader people seek, people will naturally gravitate toward wanting to learn everything they can about you and from you.   This is a very uplifting feeling.

I believe there is no better business model for moms who want to make a better life for their families.  I believe that everyone of you can have the success that you deserve and desire.  You can have the time to enjoy life with your kids.  You can have the income you want without sacrificing your family time.

I am here to give you a hand up to the top.



“Empowering every mom with tools and insights into building a stay at home business while coping with all the intricacies of raising a family at the same time.”

As a mom I know you want it all without sacrificing family time.  I’d like to help you be successful.

Checkout the Testimonials page to get information on how you can apply to get into my mastermind group.  It’s where you will get my time for free to help you build a strong business.

Reach out to me or  (808) 359-8229

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