The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing


You’ve may have heard it said that events really drive your business. What attending events does is to develop and solidify your belief in network marketing and your ability to emulate the success the presenters have. I know that attending events will change the course of your business no matter if you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned veteran of network marketing.

The fastest way to propel yourself to success is to model what other top income earners are doing. This is why you must get to events to learn from them!

My mentor Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro has an amazing event coming up that you should do whatever it takes to get yourself there. The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event is tailored specifically to the community.

The event designed to:

Celebrate women entrepreneurs
Empower women to enjoy a full and successful life and become financially independent
Encourage women to step up and into their true potential

Help women overcome fears
Promote a healthy balance of a business and a family
Explore in a safe and secure environment the issues and challenges women face in starting and building their own business

Over 20 amazing individual women who will share tips, ideas and insights on being a more powerful leader in our great profession.

The combined 17 hours of training will be a master’s course in the most important issues facing women entrepreneurs around the world today. You’ll have an opportunity to learn from the best in a completely safe and supportive environment.

Have a listen to this webinar for a sneak peek and small sampling of the amazing women you will hear from:

To get more info on attending this event

I am not promoting this event because I make a commission from it.  I only offer it because it is something that I choose to invest in for myself and find value in that may be beneficial for you.




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