Victim or Victor?



“Victory is won not in miles, but in inches.  Win a little now, hold your ground and later, win a little more.” ~ Louis L’Amour

Do you consider yourself a victim or a victor?  While most people would rather consider themselves a victor, their actions are contradictions.

A victim is one who lets the world be done to him and sees everyone and everything outside of himself as the problem.  “My job is so awful but I’ll keep doing it anyways because I have no choice.”  “I’m in a bad relationship, but I will stay here because I don’t deserve better.”

A victor is takes control and is the one in charge of the doing.  While he may recognize there are problems, he doesn’t feel powerless.  “My job is so awful and I am under-utilized, I will seek better opportunities to better myself.  “My relationship is not fulfilling, I can work on the problem or move on.”

The two situations above are the same, the difference in being a victor is the acknowledgement that life is what you choose it to be.  It may be bad at times or it may be extremely good, but to be a victor is to never waiver from knowing that you make it what it is.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, look to what you can do to make the experience the best for you.  While it may be easier to blame a lousy boss, a bad economy, a rotten upbringing, or a non supportive partner; stand strong in your ability to see the victor in yourself and live up to it daily.  You will build victory upon victory.

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