What are we leaving to the next generation?



I see that it has been proven in recent events that the policies that are now in place with economy are not working now & will continue to collapse in the future.

This leads to the question of what will be left for our children?  This is the first time in history that the next generation with not be better off than their parents generation.  This gets me pretty riled up as to why more people are not paying attention!

I have been a follower of Robert Kiyosaki for many years now.  I have watched as more of his predictions are becoming true.  I recently listened in on his talk about why he wrote his latest book “Why A Students Work for C Students” which he claims is his most important work to date.  Robert makes a poignant statement saying that the worst is yet to come.  He bases this on the new legislation under the Obamacare rules that will start effecting millions of people very soon.

Under the new act most small to medium sized businesses (which most employers in the us are comprised of) will be forced into reducing their labor force to part-time status because it will no longer be economically viable for them to operate with full time employees due to the insurance costs they will have under the rules of Obamacare.

This will add to the unemployed and the growing number of underemployed.  Millions of people will be forced to take on addition part time jobs as their full time positions are eliminated.  The surge of more people in the already shrunken job market will cause more people to lose everything.

The only thing that make sense to do in these uncertain times is to prepare for the future.  Position yourself with having an alternative way to make money before the collapse hits.  If you were to start a part time business right now in 3-5 years you could be generating a residual income that could protect your family from losing your lifestyle if your job becomes obsolete.  I encourage you to look into opportunities that come your way with open eyes.  It is the very thing that could protect the next generation from not having a future.

Educate your children that there is no longer any certainty in the world.  The best way to come out ahead is to have options.

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