What the movies your kids watch can teach you about your business.


It’s great to take time to chillout with the kids, but have you ever considered what they are watching could be motivation for your business?  It’s true, many movies geared for kids have some great inspirational messages.

My daughter and I watched Turbo the other day.  It is one of movies that has a great go for your dreams theme.  Turbo is a snail who has a big dream of being a racing champion.  The problem is that he is an ordinary garden snail and as such isn’t very fast.  But this doesn’t stop him from believing in his dream.  He has his share of doubters.  He is constantly reminded of his speedy shortcomings.  He is told he will never be a racer.  He is told he is crazy.  He is told to just give up.  Is this sounding familiar?

Then something extraordinary happens.  He gets doused with nitro and suddenly becomes race-car fast.  He also finds someone who believes in him and sacrifices his life savings to help Turbo realize his dreams.

Turbo has his share to obstacles to overcome in the race with cars, and it looks like failure is evident.  This doesn’t stop Turbo even when he loses his superpower.  Even as an ordinary snail, he has the confidence & faith to continue his race.

Whether you race fast or slow in your business, you must keep going no matter what.  You will face indifference, ridicule, hardships, and obstacles.  At times it will look like you  are being run over and not accomplishing anything.  Keep focused and remember why you have this dream of financial freedom for your family.  Be yourself and do not let anyone steer your of course.  Fight for first place, and never settle for good enough!  Go the distance even when it looks like there is no hope.  Now go face your fears, never give up and be the winner that you were meant to be.






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