What to do if you have fear

What to do if you have fear

Aloha mamas. Today we’re going to talk about fear.

How many of you have heard, “Feel your fear and do it anyway“, or “Be fearless“, or something like that? Well, that’s great for memes, but not so great in reality, so today I want to touch on a couple topics on what you can really do if you’re honestly a little fearful and maybe just starting out in your network marketing business.

  • First of all, I want you to realize that everyone has fears. It is an absolutely natural reaction to something that we need to be protected from. Don’t think that … Nobody is fearless. It’s just not a real reality. Instead, what I’d like you to think about is what your fears actually are. Most of the time, they’re just assumptions that you’ve made in your mind, and any time you assume anything, it’s not based in reality but on your perception. A lot of common fears in network marketing are, “If I show my business to people or I follow up, they’re going to be annoyed”, and a lot of times that’s not really true, so just shift your focus a little bit from the assumptions and I think you’ll have an easier time with it.
  • The second thing that’s important to do is just acknowledge it, and be honest about it. Be honest with yourself and maybe even honest with other people. It’s okay to admit that, “Hey, I’m nervous doing this, or I’m a little afraid to approach you”, but be honest about it.  Approach it from a point of practice. I find that to be helpful.
  • The third thing that you really want to do is celebrate every small accomplishment. Let’s say you’re afraid to pick up the phone. Let’s say that makes you nervous. Pick up the courage to ‘Just do it’ once.  Then when you have, just celebrate that. Whether you got an appointment or not doesn’t matter. Just the fact that you overcame your fear and made the call is worth celebrating, and you should.
  • The last step you want to do is set a goal without being attached to the outcome. This is going to, not really knock out your fear because you’ll always feel a little fearful, but what it will do is lessen its grip on you. Each time you do a repetition, you’ll feel a little less apprehensive. One of my favorite exercises to do, especially with new distributors, is just to set a goal to show your presentation 100 times. Don’t worry about, “Oh, I’m going to get a certain amount of people to promote”, or anything like that. Your goal should simply be to get into action and do your presentation. Without any consideration of the outcome.


I sure hope this helped you today mamas. Have a great day. Aloha!




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