What to do when you’ve got HATERS!

What to do

Because baby Icould build a castle fromall the bricksyou threw at me

How to handle those that don’t support you

Firstly it’s important to recognize that not everyone will understand or think your business is a great idea.  Some people are just not going to be entrepreneurial minded not matter how close they are to us, or how much we want them to be.

Are they Hating or just Jealous?

Sometimes when we embark on a journey to improve ourselves the people around us see us changing and this makes them uncomfortable because they don’t want us to be anyone other than who they already know.  They want us to stay the same because it gives them a justification that it’s ok to settle for mediocrity and not expand on your full potential.

People can say some hurtful things because they either don’t understand or they are afraid you’ll leave them behind.

Friend or Foe?

It’s about this time when you may have to examine who you want and how you want to spend your time.  If you have friends who are always mocking your business endeavors or trying to give you their uninformed, incorrect, and inappropriate advise; it’s time to set some boundaries.  While you will still want to remain friends with them, let them know that you will not tolerate their criticism.  You may have to distance yourself from them until they realize that your business is important to you, and you just do not have time for their negativity.

Family: A strength or weakness?

Everyone wants the love and support of those closest to us within our family, but what happens when you have family members who oppose you?  These are tougher situations because while you cannot exclude them from your life, it is important for you to not let their doubts crush your dreams.  Most likely you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to build your business just so that your family can have the enjoyment of the freedom you’ve created.

When you have a close family member that just doesn’t get it, you are going to have some conversations that may be stressful and uncomfortable.  Do not let them crush your dreams or spirit.  Be faithful in your belief in yourself.  Be determined to show them your success.  Often our family is hardest to convince you’ll be successful because they don’t hold the vision for the future that you do.

The best thing to do is to keep going for it and don’t give into any of their negative beliefs no matter how well intended they may be.  It’s going to be tough, that’s true, but it a temporary condition.

The best part is once you prove them wrong they will become your biggest champions.




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