What would you do if your couldn’t work?

What would you do if you

How would your family survive if you lost your ability to make a living?

Have you ever really considered what would happen to your family if you were suddenly unable to work?

How would the bills get paid?

Do you have a back-up plan in place?

These are important questions to ask yourself because you never know when an emergency or medical situation should arise.  This year alone I have had 3 friends who have had a stroke.  All without warning, and resulting in some form of incapacitation.  It is a very scary place to be in.

Would you turn to the government for assistance?

There are insurances in place for such situations, but the drawback is it can sometimes take months to get your claim & it most likely will only be a small portion of your usual earnings.

A better option

Having a residual income that pays you whether you are able to work or not is a very prudent option that appeals to many people.  Think of you passive income as your own insurance policy on yourself that pays you many times over for a little time investment.

I encourage you to look into the opportunity of joining a business that you can do part time, and take advantage of the lifelong passive income stream.  If you are interested in finding out how I get to live like I’m on vacation in Maui all the time, reach out to me.  I’d be happy to explain how it works in detail to you.




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As a mom I know you want it all without sacrificing family time.  I’d like to help you be successful.  Reach out to me Najmes@yahoo.com or  (808) 359-8229

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