Why people cringe when they think about MLM


Business manI was at the mall yesterday to pick up a couple of items.  When I was approached by a creepy kiosk salesman peddling some hair products.  He looked very similar to this guy pictured.  Here’s what happened.  He basically chased after me because I did not stop at his kiosk.  He then hands me his sample without me asking for it.  Then he proceeds to touch my hair and tell me I need this product.  I told him that I didn’t have time for his demonstration because I was in a hurry.  Which is true.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I do everything with a purpose.  I literally had everything mapped out in my head with how long it would take me to accomplish so I could be most productive while running my errands.

He then takes my arm and tries to escort (i.e. force) me towards his wares.  I had to physically remove his hand from me.  I then put his sample back into his hand and had to say I am not interested in your product to get him to step back.  I proceeded to the store & finished up my shopping.  I purposely went to the second floor to escape having to walk past him again to exit the mall.

Why am I telling you about this little adventure?  Well because when I see people cringe when I tell them that I promote network marketing I this this guy in my mind.

People learn to be leery of things when they are approached the wrong way.  Because of the way being taught to build your business.  They teach you to consider everyone a prospect and aggressively pursue them until they give you a ‘no’, then they tell you to keep following up with that person even after they’ve told you ‘no’ because it just might not be the right time for them to say ‘yes’.

Sound familiar?  This creepy salesmanship in mlm is exactly the same tactic as the kiosk hair product guy.

1.) Assume everyone is a prospect.  I was a hair product prospect because I had hair.

2.) Assume everyone wants your product.  He forced his sample into my hand.

3.) Show the plan no matter what. He physically tried to force me into seeing his pitch.

4.) Don’t give up after being told ‘no’.

I believe that your mlm business can be successful without the creepy sales tactics.  I see so much reject upfront about the mlm business model because of what people have experienced from determined distributors.  The bottom line is that hard selling anyone makes them uncomfortable.  People do not respond favorably when they are pushed into something.

The advice on how to build your network marketing business is actually hurting your success.  There are much better ways to build a network of people who appreciate your suggestions and bring customers who love using your product or system.  It all starts with a small mind shift.

It is my goal to help you to be a better network marketer & change the way we are seen as profession.

I’d like to invite you to get a copy of the ebook “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” written by my mentor Ann Seig.  This little book really was the turning point in my mlm efforts.  You can get it free for signing up in the box below.


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